Alluring Felines



Chloe: The Alluring Feline Enchantress

Our F1 Savannah female, Chloe, is a large, sleek, and muscular cat with a stunning coat that features spots or stripes. She has inherited the traits of her Serval ancestry, including her size, unique appearance, and active nature. As the mother of our F2 Savannah kittens, Chloe has passed down these distinctive characteristics to her offspring.

Meet Tony: The Regal and Captivating F5 Savannah Father.

Our F5 Savannah, the proud father of our F2 Savannah kittens, is a handsome and beautifully spotted feline. He is quite large in size, with a striking coat pattern that highlights his beauty. He’s not only physically impressive but also has a friendly and affectionate personality, making him a beloved member of our family.

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